WILDEHEART is a high vibe apparel and gift boutique located in downtown Paso Robles, just a short stroll down 12th Street from City Park.


-Women’s apparel-
-Lingerie & Shape wear-
-Handmade jewelry-
-Handmade ceramic mugs-
-Esoteric/spiritual/high vibe books-
-Crystals & Stones-
& more!



“Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.” – Sun Tzu

Kait Marsden is SLO County local who was born and raised here on the Central Coast. After graduating from Mission College Preparatory High School she studied Philosophy at UC Santa Cruz. She later transferred to the University of Nevada Reno while living in Lake Tahoe where she fell in love with the forest and mountain living.

When she was only 21 years old, her carefree life came to an abrupt halt when she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a serious but treatable type of blood cancer. She underwent chemotherapy and radiation, losing all of her hair and had to take a leave from school. After her treatments were completed she was told her disease was in remission. Kait, as well as her friends and family, were incredibly relieved as she went back to living her "normal" life again-school, work, and fun.

Less than a year late in August 2014 she went in for a routine check-up and received the devastating news that her cancer had returned. Just when she thought she had made it through the storm she was plunged back into it, at only 23 years old. She was doing well in school, she loved her job and her hair had grown back almost to her shoulders- it all seemed so unfair that she would have to go through it all over again-but she did.

Kait underwent aggressive, high-dose chemotherapy for a second time, losing all of her newly grown hair and became extremely underweight and weak. After weeks of having her body poisoned to the brink of survival, she underwent an autologous stem cell transplant which wiped out her entire immune system and "reset" it as if she had a brand new one. This experience is something no one should have to go through-especially someone in their early 20's, but instead of being bitter and resentful about it, Kait is grateful,

"Looking back on everything that happened last year, I cannot put into words how happy I am to be alive. I look at each day as a gift from our loving Creator. I worry less and live more!"

Thanks to her battle with lymphoma, Kait has a completely new lease on life- she appreciates and values every day she has and makes the most out of them. As she continued to recover, she discovered her passion in helping others and improving the lives of those around her. She strengthened her lifelong interest in spirituality, nature, and enrolled in a yoga teacher certification program. It became her goal to relay her message to everyone she possibly could in hopes of positively influencing them and the course of their lives. As she says,
"Laugh a little harder and love a little more. Make every moment magical and live life with passion."

While working at a local clothing shop as the women's apparel buyer, Kait had an epiphany. She loved her job- she was able to express her creativity and zest for life by choosing what items the store carried and tastefully merchandising the apparel. She loved talking to customers when they came in and helping them find just what they were looking for to express their own creative style and personality. She realized that she wanted to inspire people with a variety of items, all of the things that inspired her soul. That's when she realized what she needed to do- she would open her own boutique - right here in Paso!

Not only would she be meeting the requests of all the women in Paso Robles in search of an uplifting local boutique- but she would also have the perfect opportunity to spread her message of inspiring people to love life and live it to the fullest to the world. And so- WILDEHEART BOUTIQUE was born.

Kait has always been a free spirit with a unique style that she is proud to show to the world, regardless of what anyone thinks of her. Wildeheart seeks to inspire souls of all ages to follow their own wild hearts, live their passions, express their own unique creativity and style and do it all with love and gratitude.
At Wildeheart Boutique you will find many ways to inspire your soul. The focus is not on visual beauty alone but on beauty of the heart, soul and mind- everything in the store is chosen to inspire you to look, feel and live beautifully.


Wildeheart Boutique welcomes ALL customers- regardless of gender, race, creed or sexual orientation. We offer unique, stylish, high quality items at affordable pricing.


Love Stitch
Kama Sutra


- High vibe, positive, uplifting atmosphere. You’re sure to leave with a smile (:
- We have a variety of unique pieces hand-picked by Kait with high standards of quality, style and sustainability in mind
- Well-behaved pets are welcome! *
- Complementary herbal tea bar- sip while you shop!